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kids they should be in school today but market day is a good day to learn sums and make a few pounds, sorting the spoons out 6 per pack. locals do not use knives and forks, desert spoons for eating . tea spoons for stirring the sugar most have 3 to 6 spoons per cup of hot drink then wonder why there are so many with diabetes,

spice trader

They also eat a lot of pasta here not spaggetti but noodles etc,most food is cooked in earthenware pots prices range from 1 to 5 egp,

peas and carrots all ready for the pot, must buy one to try next week they look fresh at this time of the day. they sell fresh veg all the year round

the first hours trading is not so busy, once the kids are in school then it gets busy with the parents getting the best of whatever is on the market,

crates full of live chicks,

nothing like a fresh pat of buffalo cheese on fresh bread,

the biggest of the birds are put on the top for show they are too heavy to fly away.only cocks are sold hens are for laying eggs after 3 years are sold as boilers,

the hen is either 3 years old or is being sold as a 1 year layer when the comb is not upright it means its over a year old

two day old goslings

young muscovies,

rabbits of all ages sold on todays market

iron mongers in the main street, its just getting out of hand now the police have no say ,


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